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Register of Governors’ Interests

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Register of governors interest




Name Name of business including: Governor elsewhere (including name of school), Related/married to a member of staff (name included) and Employed at the school Nature of business Nature of interest Date of appointment or acquisition Date of cessation of interest Date of entry
Samantha Myers Employed at the school Headteacher Safeguarding Lead (DSL) April 2021 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Jane Shearsmith None / Chair of Governors September 2018 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Jaime Hanlan Parent / Vice Chair July 2019 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Paula Ashby None / Co-opted Governor November 2020 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Susan Abbott Parent Royal Navy Parent Governor June 2021 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Rodney Feilder Married to a member of staff/ governor: Fareeda Feilder / Co-opted Governor September 2021 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Victoria Sharp None / Co-opted Governor January 2022 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Fareeda Feilder Employed at school and married to a  governor: Rodney Feilder Staff School Governor November 2019 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Christina Harman Employed at Alver Valley School / Clarke to the Governors October 2018 Ongoing 14/01/2022
Janet Heath Governor at The Federation of Bedneham and Holbrook Primary Schools, Gosport / Vice Governor June 2014 July 2021 14/01/2022
Matthew Lewis Employed by Planet Education Pysical Education Co-opted Governor September 2019 July 2021 14/01/2022
Emily Yeats Employed at Alver Valley School Administrator Chair of Governors April 2018 August 2021 14/01/2022