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Our cyclical mathematical curriculum is designed to develop our children’s mathematical skills through a balanced curriculum of problem solving, fluency and reasoning. This is based upon an investigative and play approach nurturing a love of maths. Our whole school ethos of fostering a growth mind-set and the encouragement of using meta-cognition, ensures children approach their maths with confidence and a good level of independence.   Our real life and topic-linked contexts provide purposeful and relevant maths within the classroom linking to the wider world. Our aim is to nurture confident and aspirational mathematicians who are view maths positively.



Children at Grange Infant School are taught challenging daily maths lessons, which are personalised to their needs through formative and summative assessment. Their mathematical knowledge, fluency, ability to reason and problems solve is developed through carefully planned and structured units of work which are linked to the topics being taught. Units are sequenced carefully to ensure children can draw on their previous knowledge as they problem solve This gives the children the opportunity to practise and consolidate their understanding. Activities designed with a change of context also deepen understanding ensuring children master every strand of maths throughout the year. Opportunities to practise further are given through weekly homework tasks and through the online program “Mathletics”.  



Our style of curriculum ensures that children are resilient and confident mathematicians who relish a challenge.  When asked, children say they enjoy learning maths at our school. Progress is clearly seen in books and in tracking documents.

Children at Grange Infant School achieve well. In 2019 our results were better than the National at 78% for ARE and with a good percentage, 28%, at greater depth. Our Early Years data is 72% GLD. This means we prepare our children well for their futures. They are ready for their next school and for later life.


Maths at Grange Infant School


At Grange Infant School the children love to learn maths for many reasons:

* The children learn to be mathematicians through play and problem solving.

*Children investigate and explore; developing their growth mindset and their confidence.

* Children have a good balance of problem solving, fluency and reasoning activities during lesson as required by the National Curriculum.

* The children have lots and lots of resources to use to help them to understand concepts


The different stands for maths are; 

*Number and place value ( tens and units)

*Addition and subtraction,

*Multiplication and division

*Fractions of shapes and numbers

*Measure ( weight, length, capacity and telling the time)

*Statistics ( reading and drawing graphs)