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Grange Infants aims to provide high quality computing curriculum that is embedded in every aspect of school life. Through computing, we aim to teach children the practical digital literacy skills that they will need throughout their lives as well as the computational thinking skills that can be applied throughout the curriculum. Through computing children can learn problem solving, perseverance, and revising as well as practical skills such as programming and keyboard skills. As digital users, the safety of our children in an online world is paramount therefore; internet safety is embedded through all our computing lessons as well as being directly taught.





At Grange Infants, children have both explicit teaching of computing skills as well as cross-curricular opportunities to apply computing skills. In year R children have access to technology as part of their continuous provision. They explore programmable robots and access programmes through the interactive whiteboards. They are also taught about online safety. Children in Key Stage 1 have units of work, which are linked to their topics. These cover Internet safety, programming and digital literacy and use a range of methods form ‘online’ using a computer or device to ‘offline’ tasks to apply skills and thinking in different ways. Further opportunities are provided through science and maths to teach data handling




Through exploring programming both on programmable robots and on computers children will learn to plan, implement and revise their thinking. They will develop skills of perseverance when they learn to debug, communication when they work with other children to problem solve and improve confidence when they are successful. These are all transferrable skills that will help our children develop as learners. When developing digital literacy they will develop practical skills of using a computer as well as understanding the wider use of technology. They will learn to use different types of creative packages, which will allow them to communicate their ideas in different ways, and begin to make choices about why that is the best way to present their information. Our children will become confident digit al users who can manipulate and use technology while remaining safe online.