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Kinetic Letters



Kinetic Letters is a handwriting programme that teaches children how to form letters correctly, through movement. 

Many children have excellent ideas but can find it difficult putting those ideas onto paper.
As their handwriting becomes more fluent with Kinetic Letters, children are able to think less about their handwriting, which then allows them more time to focus on the content.

How will we teach handwriting? 

Children take part in regular handwriting lessons, focusing on strengthening activities as well as the formation. 
There are 4 strands to Kinetic Letters that the children will progress through: 

  making bodies stronger (this is ongoing) 

  holding a pencil correctly 

  letter formation 

  writing with fluency (speed) 


Kinetic Letters focuses heavily on strength, pencil hold, letter formation and flow and fluency. 

Strength: Writing is a fine finger operation; children must have core body and arm strength to be able to control their fingers precisely. 

Pencil hold: The pencil/pen grip must be comfortable to allow writing for long periods (eg exams often last for hours). Pens and pencils with a triangular cross-section assist in developing the correct hold.  

Letter formation: The movements to form the letters begin with whole body movements and progress through writing in sand trays to writing on whiteboards and finally writing on paper. In Kinetic Letters®, all the letters and numbers are formed by one of two monkeys, a brave one (Bounce) who goes to the top branch of the tree, and a scared one (Skip) who goes to the lower branch. 

Flow and fluency: Letter movements are minimized to help a fast writing style to develop.
There are no lead-in strokes (a waste of time and effort). 

For more information, please visit https://kineticletters.co.uk/