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The Importance of Attendance



Regular attendance is extremely important to help your child achieve, reach their highest potential and give them the ‘flying start’ they deserve. Research shows that missing school can have a huge impact on a child’s education and by law, all children of compulsory school age (between 5 to 16) must receive a suitable full-time education. As a parent, you have a legal responsibility to make sure this happens and as a school, we are required by the Government to inform parents/carers when their child’s attendance falls below 95%. This is monitored carefully and daily by our attendance team.

Below is a poster that breaks down the attendance percentages and really shows how the odd days can add up! Therefore you need to ensure that your child attends regularly and punctually. Even arriving just 5 minutes late per day will add up to 3 days of lost school time!

We always endeavour to be sensitive to needs and personal circumstances and strive to work together to resolve any concerns and to offer our support in any way we can. However in the circumstances attendance does not show significant improvement (in individual cases) we will arrange a meeting to discuss your child’s attendance further.


If you ever have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance, please do not hesitate to speak with Miss Myers, or a member of the attendance team. You may also wish to speak to the office staff or with your child’s class teacher but these concerns will always be passed through to our Headteacher, Miss Myers.


Click on the link below to view our ‘Why Attendance Matters’ document:

Why Attendance Matters at Grange Infant School


Should your child go to school today?

NHS Guidance

For further guidance you can visit the government website which also details information on penalty notices for non-attendance at school for your reference :

Gov.uk- Attendance guidance for parents


All absences must be reported to the school office, either by phone-call,
voicemail left on our absence line, or email adminoffice@grange-inf.hants.sch.uk.

We ask that parents do not use the Class Dojo app to inform us of absence. Absences should be reported before 10.00am to ensure accuracy on our attendance records and for timely school lunch orders for the catering team.
Absences reported after 10.00am may be recorded as Unauthorised.

The school office will request evidence of all medical appointments;
please do not be offended when we ask to see proof of your appointment.
This may be text message/email/letter from the healthcare provider.

Thank you for your cooperation.