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At Grange Infant School we value the importance of pupil voice. Our children have a say in how they learn and their learning environment. To help harness their valuable thoughts and ideas we have an elected school council. In their role, they are expected to gather the thoughts and ideas of the children in the class they are representing about all aspects of learning in school.

All school councillors are issued with a smart school council badge, and have their photo displayed on our dedicated Grange Infant School Council notice board located opposite Miss Myers’ office. School councillors are changed each term ensuring a good rotation of children.

School Council meet with Mr. Price Monday afternoons. They help look after the school environment including inspecting the school and grounds, litter picking, tidying the library and helping in their own classrooms. They also meet to discuss various issues affecting the pupils.

So far, this term, they have been litter picking around the school entrance and playground, ensuring the library is tidy and books are on the correct shelves, carrying out monitoring duties in the hall during lunchtime and generally assisting in their own classroom.