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Welcome to the official Facebook page for Grange Infant School.  This is a new page which has been set up to support communication between parents and the school. All parents are welcome to join the Facebook page for our school. The purpose of it is to communicate with you more effectively to let you know what is going on and how you can be involved. This will be in addition to our usual methods of communication (text, emails, website, and Class Dojo) so if you don’t use Facebook, please do not feel that you will receive less information.

In order for it to be a positive and effective means of communication, there will be strict guidelines surrounding the site.

If you think that this would be a useful way of staying in touch, please read through the conditions carefully and, if you agree to them, sign and return the slip below. If you require a paper copy, please do not hesitate contact the school office; the agreement slip is also in our admissions booklet, so you may find that you will have already signed the necessary paperwork when registering for a school place!


Grange Infant School Facebook Agreement 2021


Our Facebook page will operate as a closed group so that only approved members may view the content.


What the school will do:

Share information about school events

Celebrate good news

Send reminders

Let you know when pupils have arrived/departed safely from school trips

Delete inappropriate comments


What the school won’t do:

Share any photographs of children or parents (unless we receive consent).

Use names of children, staff or parents unless it is to congratulate or thank


What you can do:

Join our group whilst you have children in our school.

Ask questions about non-uniform days, school trips, school events and homework etc.

Post comments

‘Like’ comments from other members of the group

Answer each other’s questions – if you are able to


What you won’t do:

Remain in the group once your child has left our school

Post complaints, criticisms or anything that might cause offence to any member of the school community

Name people individually in a way that may cause offence or upset

Share any photos

Allow your child access to the page

We would kindly ask that you do not send any Friend Requests to members of staff


We do want to hear when you are upset, concerned, worried or angry but it is not appropriate to do so in a public forum. As always, in these circumstances, we need to hear from you directly so that we can deal with any problems.

Facebook is open to misuse so we need to be very clear that anyone who does not follow the guidelines will be removed from the group and may not be allowed to re-join.  We want this to be a positive experience for us all. It should be a place where you can post comments and ask questions which can be answered by all members of the group.

Once we have your signed agreement slip and you have requested to join, we can add you to the group.

The Facebook page is managed as often as possible but may not be checked over a weekend we will try and answer any questions as quickly as possible. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Best wishes,

Grange Infant School